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Jet Ski Repair

5 Tips for Boat and Jet Ski Repair and Maintenance

As a boat lover, there is nothing you can be prouder of than keeping your boat in good condition and top performance. Boaters do this by frequently engaging in several activities such as upgrade, customization, maintenance, and other boat repair functions. Owning a jet ski also comes with maintenance and repair tasks almost similar to that of a boat. Here are some essential tips to help you extend the lifespan of these machines:

  • Regularly Check Engine Fluids


The water pump impeller needs replacement regularly as per recommendations by the manufacturer. The same goes for the powerhead. Sometimes when oil dilution becomes an issue, the problem is usually the thermostat, which you should look to change.

  • Diesel Smoke


A diesel boat or jet ski can produce a bit of smoke on start-up, which is no big deal. But continuous smoking needs you to visit a boat repair or jet ski repair shop for instant fixing. The smoke may be blue, black, or white, each with its probable cause.

  • Flush the Engine


Whether you ride in fresh or salty water, you need to flush your engine after every ride. This process removes sand, shells, salt, algae, and other substances that can cause corrosion and damage. Most modern jet skis and boats have a hose connector for more comfortable interior cleaning. This process also reduces the visits to your mechanic for minor jet ski repairs.

  • Exterior


To ensure a long life for your jet ski, you need to wash and wax your exterior frequently. The wax helps prevent damage from harmful UV rays.

  • Stern Drives


An aluminum stern drive shows corrosion where paint gets chipped or worn away. Repainting is vital to protect your stern from permanent damage.

You can maintain your boats' or jet skis' new look by frequently visiting a mechanic for servicing and minor repairs.

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